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Live event coverage and social media curation during Gainesville's 2016 City Election. 

Though bear hunting is once again legal in Florida, not all residents support the decision. Across the state, people gathered to protest the hunt's opening day

The need for more reproductive clinics aimed at helping women is growing in North Florida. Many clinics in the Gainesville area are working to provide free or reduced-cost services to low-income households.

Common fears such as clowns, spiders and dentists are only a few of the haunts hiding behind the doors of the Youth Ranch's haunted attraction.

The city of Hampton is on the upswing after receiving a number of grants for various community projects. The recent grants follow the near dissolution of the Bradford County city about a year ago.

With the holiday season here, pets have an increased chance of finding a new home as a gift to a loving owner. However, experts caution before giving a pet as a gift, make certain the recipient is prepared financially and otherwise for a long-term commitment.

The Gainesville Police Department and Target pair up every year as part of the Heroes and Helpers program to give local elementary school students the opportunity to go shopping. The event gives back to the community by raising money for agencies in about 200 communities throughout the United States. Last year the program raised more than $150,000.

Small Business Saturday, created by American Express in 2010, was implemented to give a boost to local stores after the bustle of Black Friday. Business owners in Alachua County are grateful for the shopping holiday and have been feeling its positive effects.

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